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Who Says Anti-Fascists aren’t Patriotic? | By Anonymous | August 31, 2019 - 13:19 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | No Comments

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Earlier today someone asked me, how can you call these Anti-Fascist rioters in Portland, Oregon Patriots? After-all, they burn cars, set flags on fire – et cetera. I told him you know, I’m glad you asked, because I just finished a chapter on that! What the world needs to understand is that Anti-Fascists are fighting a War, a War against ignorance, repression, censorship, austerity, mass incarceration and Wars. We are fighting a War to make a better world, a better future than the one we see today – a world which has been sculpted by our very own Governments. It’s not just War, but many of our own Governments have become an enemy of the people. Here in the United States for example we lead the world in the number of countries being invaded, we have the NSA, FBI and DHS to conduct mass surveillance and spy on their own people, violating the 4th Amendment willfully, we have the highest number of arrests per capita of any country in the world, the largest population of incarcerated citizens in the world and our current administration was elected via a massive, nationwide, neo-Nazi coup in 2016 – “allegedly.” The way we see it, we Anti-Fascists and Anarchists are the true Patriots here, fighting enemies of our own Constitution – that the people have become blind and/or indoctrinated to ever realize.

Additionally, it’s also fairly common practice for cars to be burned and buildings to be trashed following a major championship win from a sports team, or when a college tradition spirals out of control – fueled by alcohol. Do you call those sports fans or college students un-Patriotic? Most likely not, so why call Anti-Fascists unpatriotic in the same scenario? But, if you are still not convinced, I invite you to consider the following evidence – enjoy!


Who Says Anti-Fascists Aren’t Patriots?:


It has always been one of my primary goals/dreams to start traveling the world, visiting new places and perhaps even settling down in a new country abroad for the long term. However, the more people I started talking to about it, the more everyone kept repeating the same things. Sayings things like “oh I don’t know about that, there are a lot of bad places outside the United States. Are you sure you want to do that?” Or “you know how many people are trying to get into this country? Why would you want to leave?Or “you know how unsafe it is outside of US borders!?That was hardly all, but their opinions all seem to be based off a fallacious notion that somehow it’s impossible to be happy or live a good/quality life outside the United States, pretending as if everyone currently living inside the US is as happy as could possibly be and we are all living the lives of our dreams.

There are roughly 7.7 billion people living on planet Earth at the present moment in time and only about 0.33 of them live inside the United States. Meaning that the overwhelming majority of all people on planet Earth live outside of the United States, and live perfectly fine or happy lives at that. It might be a notion lost on most modern Americans these days, but life outside of the United States is not just some great giant “dystopia.” In fact, you might be surprised to know that, based on the 2019 Global Democracy index, the United States currently ranks 27th in the world out of 160 countries and according to the 2018 worlds happiness report, the United States ranks 18th in the world out of 117 countries. These two studies are also based off factors such as poverty rates, incarceration rates, average annual income, health coverage, life expectancy, voter turnout, purchasing power, quality of life – et cetera.

On top of this, in terms of education, the United States ranks 115th among 200 countries in terms of linguistic diversity, and ranks 20th in math and 27th in science internationally. Moreover, out of 40 countries ranked based off their colleges or secondary educational systems, the USA ranks 20th in the world. Even here inside the United States, according to our own ACT testing agency, it is estimated that 76% of all high school students are unprepared to enter into college level courses upon graduating high school. Contrary to what every modern American thinks, the USA is not actually the best at anything, really – except military expenditure and the number of foreign countries currently being invaded.

As for me personally, I’ve been ‘that guy‘ who used to work seasonally around the United States – all with migrant workers because I couldn’t get hired anywhere else. At times, on more than one occasion, I’ve literally been the only American working in a group of maybe +45 people – some of the most enjoyable times of my life at that. In vain, what I keep trying to get the average American to understand is that there is a very real reason why so many people and/or countries around the world hate America and American tourists – and no, it isn’t because they are envious or jealous of us and our lifestyle. People hate Americans and American culture because we base our moral and ethical set of principles around materialism, vanity, vulgar-ness, indecency, gluttony, and arrogance.

I see all this potential and I see squandered. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars, advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of the history man, no purpose or place, we have no Great war, no Great depression, our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives, we’ve been all raised by television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars, but we won’t and we’re slowly learning that fact. and we’re very very pissed off.” – Tyler Durden

Modern American society literally look at signers, rappers and movie stars as role models, we glorify transgender people as hero’s, we turn children into sex symbols, have the highest rate of obesity in the world, elect billionaire narcissists to be our leader/President and our Government genuinely views itself as the worlds police. For example, did you know that out of 239 years in existence the United States Government has been engaged in different Wars for 222 of them?

Let me ask a rhetorical question for you, why do you think so many migrants from around the world all enter the United States from foreign countries and then refuse to self identify as Americans? For example, down in Florida there is an extremely large population of people whom have defected from Cuba. These are people who were literally so ashamed of their country/government that they denounced their citizenship and sought asylum abroad. Yet, even after they were granted freedom in the United States, if you ever talk to them, they all still call themselves “Cubans” – not “Americans.” Ask yourself, why do you think this is?

The answer is simple, American culture/society is nothing to look up to or be envious of. The fact of the matter is that foreigners all come to this country for one reason and one reason only, to exploit our economic system and make as much money for themselves and their families as possible – not because they fancy American “culture.” This is why they all immigrate here and start settling into their own local communities, such as “Little Italy” or “China Town” or “New Haiti” and identify themselves with their old countries – because the culture where they came from is still fundamentally better than the culture we’ve created here in America, even if their economies aren’t.

Nationalism teaches people to take pride in shit they haven’t done, and hate people they’ve never met.” – Anonymous


The Immigration ‘Crisis’

When describing situations in the Middle East you might often hear me refer to the term Persia. While this isn’t even a real thing anymore, the largest percentage of refugees, migrants, emigrants and the like come from the geographic region known as ancient Persia. To a much larger sense, the Levant. As for the reference itself, the term Persia was officially made non-existant in 1935 when the center of ancient Persia’s empire officially changed the name of the country to Iran. Oddly enough “Iran” is also the Arabic word for “Aryan.” As in the same Aryan race of alleged human superiors that Adlof Hitler and the Nazi’s also believed in – just in Germany instead of Persia. The ancient Persian empire itself consisted in part of the following modern countries: Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan. Have you heard about any of these countries in the news the last few decades? Think that any of this is any coincidence?

I once wrote an opinion editorial a while back, describing how many of the worlds current disputes arose out of ancient times. As someone who has studied ancient history for well over half a decade, it’s a direct correlation I see. It’s also the ‘elephant in the room‘ so to speak, that no one wants to talk about or address – even though it exists in plain site.

The Stats

Turkey, founded in 1923, has received over 1.7 million refugees from Syria since 2011. Syria, founded in 1961, has lost an estimated 9 million people to emigration. Iraq, founded 1919, has experienced over 500,000 fatalities since the turn of the century – hundreds of thousands more refugees. The War in Afghanistan has seen hundreds of thousands more casualties, with hundreds of thousands more refugees and no end in site. Then, in 2011, Egypt went through a violent revolution to overthrow the President via military coup, only to install a dictator in his place – leading to another refugee crisis. Then, that same year, Muammar Gaddafi was also assassinated by the United States in the streets of Libya, leading to more refugees across the Mediterranean.

On the other side of the spectrum, the United States of America has taken in more than 200,000 immigrants from Syria. To which Donald Trump once famously stated, ‘how can we know these people aren’t a 200,000 man terrorist Army’!? How tragic this point of view this really is. By comparison, France received 330,000 refugees in 2016 alone. From 2006 to 2013 it’s estimated that France received over 190,000 refugees more. Greece is not just facing a financial crisis, but people are literally dying in the Mediterranean just to arrive there – the country has literally even had to pass new laws making it illegal for anyone to rescuing illegal refugees in distress or drowning at sea.

For example, at the height of the ‘crisis’ in 2016, it was estimated that 218,000 people had tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea within just one months time. This figure was also more than all of the calendar year of 2014 combined! Like France, Germany is more open to refugees from the Levant/Persia and recently received 100,000 immigrants of their own. They take a unique stance on the issue, as Angela Merkel wants to put them all to work in the manufacturing industry – anticipating the rise in workers and goods and services will boost their economy. In one month time period, the Italian Government said it had intercepted and deported as many as 190,000 people trying to land on their shores from the Mediterranean. I could go on and on, but I think you have received my point. Because of the US lead coalitions Wars all over the Levant this century, the refugee crisis has spiraled out of control all around the world – cause and effect.

Since we have been keeping accurate records, the history of Persia has been checkered with death and violence, but only has the last half decade begun playing host to perhaps the greatest mass migrations in human history. The entire empire of Persia is displaced. Honestly, I can’t stand how Nationalist pigs within countries receiving these refugees think, believing themselves to be burdened or threatened by these people – how selfish! Just try to take a half second and look at the situation from the perspective of the migrant/refugee themselves.

These are the people who have managed to run away safely, choosing to flee a country rather than stay and fight in domestic wars. They choose to pick up their belongings and leave, rather than pick up a gun to stay. These refugees are peaceful, these are literally the people attempting to end the senseless cycle of perpetual violence and find a better life – something many people do not understand. On top of this, many families have made the trek together, and not all have made it through intact. Many of these people have lost loved ones: children, parents, brothers and sisters. Not just from the Wars of foreign invaders, but also throughout their trek trying to leave. Remember, for ever hundred thousand whom successfully make it across the Mediterranean, probably tens of thousands have died trying to cross it.

All these refugees want is a better life, a better place for their future and the future of their children – despite the risks. How can anyone honestly blame them? If you were born into the same situation they were in, wouldn’t you want to do the same for yourself and your family? And before you go ahead and say “no,” f*ck off – honestly.

But when these people come to our homelands, looking for safety, they are neither embraced nor helped. Instead, they face 10 foot tall barbwire fences to keep them back. Riot shields, tear gas and armed soldiers to turn them away. People are being funneled into refugee camps, dare I say internment camps, by the tens of thousands. These makeshift habitats are labeled “safe areas,” but yield a quality of life barely above survivable. For those that do then do make it through all the madness, even those who have done so legally, these people are then often abused psychologically by society – ostracized from society. Nationalists hold rallies and riots against them. When they walk through the streets, or go into a store, they are met with looks of fear and distrust – so on and so forth.

So, to those of you who view migrants as a threat to your country, remember it might just be the migrant who carries far more of a burden than yourselves. These people need our help and assistance, embrace them and help them assimilate. Do not outcast these people from society, your only going to make your own society worse by creating enemies or more extremists – acting on your extremeness. I know nationalists aren’t exactly known for their IQ’s, but a little understanding and intelligence can make this world a far greater place headed into the future than it has been in the past, leading to the very situations we continue to grapple with today.

The Fallacy of Migrants Stealing Work/Jobs

Anyone who complains about immigrants taking their job is ignorant at best, hateful at worst. The way I see it, it’s simply the free market working itself out. Maybe immigrants get the jobs because they work harder, longer hours and don’t demand extra money/benefits like many Americans would. In this case, this is the fault of Americans for being so damn lazy – not the immigrants fault. For example, here in my home town we have a family who moved here from India just a few years ago, who work in a local store. Between 3 people (1 family), they literally work 8am -10pm 7 days a week, every week for years now. Sure they get extra tired and it takes a tole on them, but tell me how many Americans would be willing to do this themselves? These foreigners are legal, happy to be in this country, have insane work ethic and are grateful for the opportunity to be making as much money as they do. They have the job because they are willing to do things the average American either wont or cant, because Americans are spoiled and take everything they have for granted. Americans would rather fuss and complain about foreigners outworking them than get their hands more dirty or compete with them themselves. Then you wonder why our economy is failing?

This is not to mention the hundreds of thousands of farming jobs that go unfilled each year, because Americans cant justify working that hard for the payout, which is why American farmers are all forced to hire immigrants or illegal immigrants to fill the gap and get the job done.

In my town we also have a high number of Chinese immigrants and business owners. They have bought many properties over the last decade, including the local pharmacy and run a large rental business throughout town now. While this has been slightly negative and they do have a reputation for not doing renovations or repairs and the owners run the business from China, in a college market, they seem to be doing just fine for themselves. In fact, Chinese students are some of the most highly regarded tenants because they are for the most part quite and well mannered and have a reputation for good behavior and timely payments. Where as the sports teams and veterans are notorious for throwing parties, disrupting neighbors, breaking things and getting drunk 5 days a week.

But, either way you look at it the Chinese business owners pay their taxes and run successful businesses – so good for them. Again, if anyone in this town is bitter that the Chinese are now running these businesses/properties, which they are, then it’s their fault. These local town folk had every opportunity to buy these properties for themselves if they wanted, they just didn’t want to spend the money and didn’t see the potential – so someone else came in and took the opportunity. Take a look in the mirror America, you are your own worst enemy. While those are just some small anecdotes from my hometown, I think you get the idea perfectly. America has become a nation of self entitled whiners these days, who want everything handed to them. The fact of the matter is that the notion of the American Dream is completely lost to modern Americans born in this country, and only embraced by the immigrants moving here seeking a better life.

America’s Rich Culture of Xenophobia & Hatred

1915 America:

1945 America:




1965 America:

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2019 America:

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America is a nation of immigrants. But, at what point in time did the historical lineages stop and everyone all of a sudden became “Americans”? I mean, the founders of this country were British and Spanish and the only true ‘Americans’ are the Native American population which lived here originally – whom were then genocided by those Caucasian immigrants whom re-founded this land for themselves. Technically speaking then, everyone else since 1492 has been an immigrant from somewhere else tooincluding the very people who built this country into what it is today. You see, it’s diversity which has made America such a great country from the start. Do you see the pictures above though, do you then wonder why this country is now falling away from its former glory? What the United States once offered anyone in the world was liberty and freedom to live whatever life they desired, free from Government persecution – ironically from Caucasions like the British. So, at what point did the Constitution of the United States start applying only to some people, but not everyone else? Since 1492, what was the cutoff date when this land stopped becoming nation of immigrants and ‘the American race’ officially became a thing?


Truth be told, this segment was inspired by a young soldier named is Chris Herbert, a veteran of the Iraq War. As it were, Mr. Herbert lost his leg during service and years in the years since his military career has ended, has begun applying his experiences to the United States ongoing grapple with xenophobia and discrimination in society. He surmises that:

A Muslim man blew me up, and I lost my leg. A Muslim man also lost his arm that day wearing a British Uniform. A Muslim medic was in the helicopter that took me from the field. A Muslim surgeon performed the surgery that saved my life. A Muslim Nurse was part of the team that helped me when I returned to the UK. A Muslim Healthcare Assistant was part of the team that sorted out my day to day needs in rehabilitation when I was learning to walk. A Muslim taxi driver gave me a free ride the first time I went for a beer with my Dad after I came home. A Muslim doctor offered my Dad comfort and advice in a pub, when he didn’t know how to deal with my medicines and side effects.

Contrary to that. A white brit spat in my girlfriends face for ‘having sex with a cripple when she could have [him]’. A White Brit pushed my wheelchair away from a lift so he could use it first. A White brit screamed at my Dad for parking in a disabled bay when I was in the services coming home…..

..Blaming all Muslims for the actions of groups like Daeshe and the Taliban, is like blaming all Christians for the actions of the KKK or Westboro Baptist Church. Get a grip of your lives, hug your family and get back to work.

Honestly, his statements bring to mind another active-duty US soldier home from tour whom found himself in line with a Muslim man trying to buy ice cream at a store, whom was being harassed by a Patron there by being told to leave – because the Muslim was a terrorist, all Muslims are terrorists. What the soldier did next was get nose to nose between the two men, with the Patron, before saying “He has a choice to practice his religion anywhere. That’s the reason why I wear this uniform, so anyone can live free in this country. Leave the man alone.” The patron then backed away and said “Aren’t you fighting people like him right now?” To which the soldier said, “not here, not today.” If only more American ‘Patriots‘ were more like this true soldier of the US Constitution…….

Boomers v Millenials

I wrote this next passage when I was 32 years old and living in a homeless shelter, after spending over a month sleeping on the streets of Miami and New York City. It is about never getting a chance in life, while continuing to watch the same people thrive and flourish.

My whole life I have been told “just wait until you get older, things will change – things will get better.” Now into my 30’s however, I look at the world around me and things are no different than they have always been. In fact, things have only gotten worse. When I was 2 years old (1988), George Bush became President. My freshmen year of high school (2000), George Bush became President. When I was 30 years old (2016), Jeb Bush was one of the leading Republican candidates to become next President. When I was 6 years old (1992), Bill Clinton became President. Then, 24 years later, his wife Hillary Clinton was at one point considered to be the odds on favorite to become the nations next President for another 4-8 years. Are we living in an Oligarchy or Democracy? I honestly don’t know which anymore.

Here’s a rhetorical question, do you still believe you have a choice/vote in any of these elections? Or are you simply being given a handful of people to vote for or choose from? For example, Presidential election primaries usually consist of only a dozen or so contenders. So, who gets to decide who those dozen people will be – is it you? No. Therefore, whether you like to admit it or not, voting merely gives society the “illusion” of actually having a choice. The fact of the matter is that you are given a choice to choose from, and that is not the same as absolute “freedom” or “Democracy” – no matter how much they want you to believe otherwise.

I graduated college in 2009, just in time for “The Great Recession” and the conditions created by it are all I have known my entire adult/professional life. Unlike our silver spoon-fed politicians and President, I do not know what it is like to work or live in an America which is “great” and/or prosperous. US Congress has operated the US Government under an annual budget deficit every year since 2002 and as a result, our nations National debt now sits at over 21 trillion dollars. Unfortunately though, this figure is only dwarfed in comparison to combined collective “private” debt of American citizens, which currently sits at around 40 trillion. Whether anyone on Capitol Hill wants to admit it out loud or not, or country and its peoples are entirely broke – and not just morally.

The older I get, the less it seems to matter. The average age of Congress is 61 years old and the baby boomers have had a strangle hold on this world/Government since birth. I cant help but wonder, will my generation ever get a seat at the big table or turn in the drivers seat? At 32 years old now, it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

Donald Trump is 72 years old and his now famous slogan is “Make America Great Again,” but lets take a second to break this statement down, shall we? In trying to make America great again, Trump is admitting that this country is no longer great, or has at least slipped. It is no surprise, Donald Trump lived his ‘Glory Days in the 60’s and 70’s – perhaps the single most prosperous time in America’s history. Even his MAGA slogan was stolen from JFK, whom once stated that “America does not have highway systems because it is great, America is great because of its highway systems.

From Barack Obama to Donald Trump, our elected officials all sit in front of microphones and tell the people that “if you just work hard and go to school, anyone can succeed in this country.” Of course they actually believe this. After-all, the system worked just fine for them – didn’t it? Today over half the baby boomers currently serving in US Congress are millionaires, and when they were young this country was full of opportunity and potential. What did going to college get me by comparison? $92,000 in student loan debt and the worse credit score you can imagine, destroying my chances of ever getting a loan or starting a business in the future. In fact, the boomers have only exploited the college/university for financial gain. College tuition rates have increased by more than 600% since the 1970, far outpacing the rate of inflation. Did I mention that, as of 2016, no other demographic in the United States has a higher unemployment rate than young people in their early 20’s – just after graduating college? This figure is nearly double that of the closest demographic.

The truth of the matter is times have changed. At no other time in history has America grown at a slower rate than it has over the last 10 years. The job market has become over-saturated and in 2016 you are no longer considered special for having gone to college or obtained a college degree. In 2019 a college degree is the equivalent of a high school diploma in the 1970’s – it only costs about 6x as much as it used to in order to obtain one. This is the fundamental disconnect between our elected officials and the millennial generation as it presently exists. Only our generation understands what it is like to grow up in this country anymore. Our leaders have already made it and have been in charge for the last 4 decades – literally my entire lifetime. They have no understanding and cant possibly relate to America’s modern struggles, the America the boomers remember no longer exists anymore – only in their minds/memories.

I look around at the state of our country and the world today, we have had to print out trillions of dollars just to stave off full economic collapse. All money to be paid back, with interest, at a later date in time – saddling future generations with crippling debt. Whether they like to admit or not, the EU’s economic system is fundamentally flawed. Spain and Greece have already collapsed, France is collapsing, and there is a reason why the UK is trying to ‘run for the hills’ as fast as they can – even if they know full well they will never make it. To the East, Russia’s inflation is skyrocketing and from Iran to Russia to Africa, different nation-states around the world are all attempting to drop the US dollar before we reach inevitably reach credit default.

All of the countries/worlds current global conflicts, Wars, societal, economic and environmental problems have been created and perpetuated by one generation – the baby boomers, whom refuse to retire, step away from or relinquish control of this world. There’s no end in site. There are no term limits coming, no one in power is ever going to cast a vote to limit their own authority – talk of such is nothing more than just ‘pipe dreams. John McCain, for example, literally served in office till he died, only death itself was enough to remove him from power – and he wont be alone. I sit around and look at the projections for the 2020 elections, who’s at the top? Trump (73) v Sanders (77) v Biden (76). Are you kidding me? It’s as if Americans have no clue a President can be as young as 35. Making matters worse, Joe Biden was the youngest Senator in US history at age 29– he has literally served in office well over 40 years! He is the worst offender of them all – just retire already!

The sad part of this story is that the millennial generation has within itself the capability of changing this world, if anyone ever retires or gives us a chance. In fact, as of 2015, for the first time in history there are more millennials living in this world than there are boomers – we are just outnumbered about 100:1 serving in Government or positions of authority. Even sadder though, this generation doesn’t seem to care. We are obsessed with music television and celebrities, worshiping vanity, materialism and false idols. The number one show in America the last two decades is literally called American Idol. Almost no young person in this country cares about making a difference, because we know we cant – so no one tries. People know more about celebrity gossip and sports teams than our own Government, history and laws. People spend almost as much time sleeping as they do watching TV and more people play video games than read books. Not only is America’s youth powerless, we are the single dumbest generation in American history to boot.

In our disgust/frustration of the status quo we all sit back and say “f*ck society,” but that doesn’t change anything – does it? It’s a damn shame to see. There is a philosophical way of thought called the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like; negative thoughts and beliefs manifest negative consequences/realities and positive thoughts and beliefs manifest positive results/realities. Therefore, if you say your life sucks then so it shall be, your life will suck. If you say you can’t change the world and nothing matters, then so be it – nothing will ever change. Apparently this philosophy must be true, because nothing ever seems to change.

But, remember, it’s not necessarily all our fault either. For example, the unemployment rate for recent college graduates fluctuates between 24-33% – more than double the national average. The average college student graduates with nearly $30,000 in student loan debt. Lastly, millennial graduates have entered into an economy significantly in decline since 2008 and nearly 90% of all jobs created since 2009 are part time – largely so business owners can cheat the Affordable Care Act, skimping on hours so they don’t have to pay employees health benefits. Thanks, Obama.


The Two Party Illusion

Typically, only 60% of Americans vote in US Presidential Elections and only 40% of people vote in midterm elections. This is a sad statistic. I hear people all over the country talking about a revolution, how the government is corrupt we need to change the system. But then we go out and vote by the 40% and expect a change? We seriously need to get everyone in the country voting again, and voting for 3rd party candidates. The only way to make a change about this country to change the vote. No politician has any power if there are no citizens to vote for them. It is time for a voting revolution in America.

Starting in 2000 Republicans raised spending 60% from the end of the Clinton Presidency; from $2.0 trillion to $3.2 trillion. They enacted the biggest increase in Medicare spending since Lindon B. Johnson with Medicare Part D. They enacted the largest increase in federal control of education with No Child Left Behind. This was with a Republican Congress in 6 of his 8 under President Bush. In fact, The Republican Party has controlled the United States House of Representatives, which sets controls spending, for 18 of the last 22 years. You may here plenty of talk in the upcoming elections of cutting spending and reducing the debt, but do not let the Republicans fool you. The Republicans are not a party of responsible spenders and have no modern record of cutting anything. All of this is not to mention the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, the establishment of the TSA, the passing of the Patriot Act, and the fact that the last 2 Republican Presidents are responsible for starting 3 different wars on foreign soil over the course of the last two decades alone.

On the other side We have the Democrats. The Democrats have only continued to raise spending from the end of the Bush administration. They have continued to expand Federal control of education through common core. They have advanced upon the Republican expansion of Medicaid to include federal health insurance. Did you know the process of the bail out under Obama was initiated and planned for under the Bush administration? Some other facts to consider: In just six years 70% of our total national debt has been added by Obama. The Democrats have passed the largest tax in the history of the United States in the form of the Affordable Care Act. In the first 6 years under President Obama our debt to gross domestic product ratio has increased from 64% to 101%. America no longer produces enough goods to cover the cost of money we spend. On top of this America has an unprecedented 58 million people dependent on government in the form of food stamps. Meanwhile welfare benefits have swelled and the number of Americans living in poverty has increased from 12% in 2008 to 15% in 2016.

Now into 2019, Trump has only continue to increase federal expenditure, despite shutting down the Government for two months time, and has continued increasing to the Department of Defense to fight in our endless Wars and has hired thousands upon thousands of Federal Police officers through Immigration and Customs enforcement to crack down on immigrants. At the present moment in time, not only is inflation crippling the stock market, but our National debt also continue to climb to unprecedented levels – at a high rate than Obama.

The popular media in this country tears us apart on issues of religion, abortion, gay rights, racism, Liberalism, Conservatism and America abides. Indeed a nation divided against itself cannot stand. The more divided the people of the country become, the more powerful the government becomes. We fight, hate and protest one another all the while our country is being torn apart from within. We have allowed the government to seize control of our education system through no child left behind and now through common core; literally re-writing how history will be taught to future generations. Out of fear we have enabled Congress the department of defense, homeland security and NSA to legally surveil every United States citizens without their knowledge. We have engaged in new wars decreasing our global standing. We have passed laws permitting the detention of United States citizens without Habeas Corpus. Drones fly freely within the United States, the department of defense directly funds local governments to militarize our police.

We the people have allowed this to happen. This is our government, we have created this. Citizens have become so wrapped up in the differences which divide us that we have become blind to the fact that neither political party is any different. The root problem in American politics is that both political parties have failed us. Our government, not our constitution, is failing us. We are failing ourselves. The people of this country have become so polarized against one another that we have prevented ourselves from all standing up together as one.

The American people have become distracted from the truth, we have come to believe that the government is in control of our lives and we are not in control of the world around us. We have forgotten the great fundamental truth that the United States is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. It was never the purpose of the central government to have as much power as it now does. We the people give the power to our government, we the people have the power to throw our elected representatives out of power, peacefully, with our electoral system. We the people fund the government through our taxes. The people have the power over the government, the government does not have power over us.

American citizens need to wake up from our stupor, realize this once again and start take back control of this country. The people no longer understand their true power. We must not sit back and accept the two party system any longer. It is time for this system to end.


The Marlborough Man & The American Presidency

What is more important running for President, a strong platform or a strong jaw line? An attractive message or an attractive face? What about height, physique, voice…genitalia? As a student I remember a lecture in a political science class about the stereotypical “Marlborough Man” and how it’s important for Presidential candidates to portray or live up to a certain image, such as being strong, tall and speaking in a clear deep voice.

I write this because at work the other day I heard news of a recent study from Duke University on AM radio related to these very concepts. The study conclusively defined that men who have lower/deeper voice were not only employed more often but also tended to make more money that those who are not. This study was done in conjunction with a separate study which revealed that the sound of someone’s voice has a lot to do with how we perceive them and sequentially how we will treat them or vote. For example, some women are afraid of men with deeper voices and some men are less likely to engage in a fight with a man with a very low voice. It’s really all alpha-male, guerrilla, nature nonsense – really.

We often make snap judgments about candidates without full knowledge of their policies or positions. These findings might help explain why. It’s clear that our voices carry more information than the words we speak. Knowing this can help us understand the factors that influence our social interactions and possibly why there are fewer women elected to high-level political positions.” – Duke University

So what/who is a ‘Marlborough Man’ you ask? This is the name given to the traditional spokesperson for Marlborough cigarettes, one of the top selling brand of cigarettes in the world for the better part of the 20th century. Like James Bond, the Marlborough man was a symbol of manhood and ruggedness. A tall man with a sharp jaw, scruffy face and handsome but rugged looking appearance, giving off the aura of sheer confidence/manhood. In American pop culture, women loved the Marlborough man and men wanted to be just like him.

Barack Obama is of course the first United States President who was not White, we of course have also never had a President whom was female. As of 12-6-2015 Hillary Clinton was at one point leading national polls to become the next President. Given that people like Corey Booker and a whole host of females are front runners in the 2020 elections, there is the very real chance America may once again elect a non white male as President in 2 of the last 3 elections – these are bold new times indeed and I for one am happy for it.

Police Militarization

There’s a fundamental problem/disconnect between police and society these days, which only seems to be escalating over recent years. One of the primary problems I see escalating these tensions is the whole phenomenon of police militarization. I mean, psychologically speaking, when you put people in black military style clothing, have them drive around military issued vehicles, arms and tactical War equipment, this is undoubtedly going to instill a certain psychological mindset upon the people using them. Adding to the problem, there’s an increasingly larger number of ex-military serving in police forces, and even hiring offices admit “veterans get first look when it comes to accepting new applications.However, because of all this, I fear that many police officers forget there’s a difference between being a solider and being a police officer. In the military you kill people and look at everyone not in your uniform as your enemies – this is how they are trained. And remember, in any stressful situation it’s a natural instinct to resort back to your highest level of training. However, as a police officer, your duty is to protest and serve the population and your community. It’s not to kill and treat said population as your enemy. These are two entirely different things which often get conflated by modern officers.

here is a fundamental problem between police and society which only seems to be escalating over recent years. One of the primary problems people have with police is the phenomenon of police militarization. When you put people in black military style clothing, have them drive around military issued vehicles and arm them with tactical War equipment, this is undoubtedly going to instill a certain psychological mindset upon the people using them. There is an increasingly large number of ex-military serving in police forces and hiring offices even admit “veterans get first look when it comes to accepting new applications.” Many people throughout the world fear that some police officers forget the difference between being a solider and being a police officer. These are two entirely different things.

A Brief History of Police Militarization

When did this behavior start? The common logic you will find is that this all started with President Nixon and the declaration for a “War on drugs” in 1971. Essentially, to fight a new War against drugs police departments needed new and updated equipment to physically battle mafia, cartels, drug lords, gangs etc. This is what started the trend at least.

Enter Program 1033

It was not until 1997 that the United States government began to share military resources with law enforcement officials. In 1997 the United States government initiated Program 1033 allowing the Department of Defense to directly provide military equipment to police agencies. The most important part of Program 1033 you need to understand is that all of the equipment provided by Department of Defense comes at no cost to the police department. Why is this such an important detail? You might not know but every local police agency is directly funded by the taxes of the towns they operate in. Therefor tax payers and the community do have a say over police budgets and expenditure. If the citizens feel the police are spending too much money, spending money unjustly, or need more funding they have the right to lobby legislature about the issue.

Program 1033 provides legal/political loop hole to this problem. Since the military equipment is provided at no cost, it has no effect on local tax revenue. Therefore the citizens have no say in the exchange whatsoever. Even when communities objects t0 the police utilizing a MRAP on regular duty, its does not matter. All police departments have to do is apply for one. For example you can read this story out of New Hampshire in 2015 about a town getting a MRAP despite the objection of the towns people.

There’s been a real steady increase in police stations taking advantage of this, it’s a heck of a good deal. ‘Here’s the MRAP free of charge. You’ve got to pay for maintenance and gas, but other than that we’ll take care of the rest.Mark Wright – DOD. Representative

Since the Program 1033 began in 19997 the Department of Defense has given away more then 5,000 armored Humvee’s and over 600 MRAP’s to American police agencies. This is just vehicles, those numbers come in addition to guns, vests, equipment, et cetera.

Terrorism, American Culture & The 2nd Amendment

For the same reasons police needed equipment to fight against drug cartels in the 1970’s, terrorism/domestic terrorism in modern society has been used as justification for continued use of military equipment in 2016. For example law enforcement leaders are on record of saying increased military equipment and tactics are necessary to respond to violent emergency events such as school shootings.It’s no secret America is a unique nation when it comes to gun rights. The fact that America has 2nd Amendment rights and so many Americans are armed with deadly weapons, this is also used as justification for police militarization. Ironically, preventing a national police state or government intrusion by force is exactly why the founding fathers gave the American public the right the bear arms.

That aside, police continue to maintain they need superior, military grade equipment, so they can safely and effectively defeat and any problems that may manifest in society. Police militarization is almost argued as a defense for police forces in this way. Police militarization aside what is the fundamental duty of police officers? This is to protect and serve the communities they represent. Police officers are not soldiers, they are members of a community.


The Notion of Freedom & Human Rights

While I’m on the subject, I also want to touch on the fallacious notion of America being theland of the free” because, ironically, America is quite literally the least free country on planet Earth. At least according to the statistics, that is.

For example, did you know that as of 2019 the United States is home to 5% of the globes overall population, but 25% of the worlds prison population? How about the fact that America arrests more citizens ‘per capita’ than any country in the world, including Iran, North Korea, Russia or anyone else? Or the fact that the United States is considered one of the worst human rights violators in the world, not only because of Americas numerous/constant Wars and military campaigns, but also because Americas criminal justice system has created conditions allowing for the US to actively host the worlds largest population of incarcerated citizens? Every year for example, the United States always makes the list of the worlds top human rights offenders because of these very facts.

You combine statistics from our justice system with our constant Wars and military campaigns, and America is quite literally the most Fascist nation on this planet. American citizens just don’t realize it because they’ve been force-fed propaganda their entire lives – and no, that isn’t just some hippy nonsense. From 4 years old to 18 all Americans told to stand and ‘pledge your allegiance to a material object every single morning– a flag. Every major public or sporting event begins with the National anthem or Patriotic gesture. Every television station has its own version of a crime or police drama. It is called ‘re-enforced learning and it is all by design, implemented from the highest reaches of our Government for hundreds of years now. All designed to make it seem normal to arrest so many people as we arrest, to instill a sense of Nationalistic pride in your country – so that this pride may one day lead you to fight for it. It is indoctrination, propaganda, brainwashing, re-enforced learning, whatever you want to call it. It is the truth in front of everyone’s eyes, that very few actually see.

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