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There is no official Anonymous | By Anonymous | July 28, 2019 - 23:07 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | No Comments

Anonymous does not have an official website or social media page, a headquarters, company or an Anonymous foundation.

The idea of Anonymous is open to anyone, it is a method of resistance. Anonymity keeps you safe and it amplifies you when you work with people using the same method. Anonymous as an idea is bulletproof and is decentralized. This means anything like an “official” thing contradicts it’s meaning.

If you come across this, avoid it, because you might be at risk. These actors could be there to just make money, but it could also be much worse. It is very possible that law enforcement or intelligence agencies are actively manipulating the public opinion of Anonymous. They could also be gathering private information of Anonymous activists or hacktivists.

Of course there are many fan pages on social media and many pages owned by legitimate activists, there are many websites as well. But if they are in support of the idea of Anonymous they will always make clear that they do not represent Anonymous as a whole, and they will never advertise a company or foundation.

Take note: After over a decade of operations, Anonymous has been clear about it’s methods. If at this point in time, actors try to convince you otherwise, this is a red flag and it shows they are assuming you to be ignorant and unaware of the meaning of Anonymous. Do not buy merchandise or donate because you believe you are supporting the work of the Anonymous collective. Considering they might be there to collect private information about you, it would be wise to avoid them and remove them from any places you are doing your work as well.

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