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The Philosophy of Antifa | By Anonymous | January 9, 2020 - 01:18 | Posted in Ops | 7 Comments

There is no peaceful white supremacy. There are no peaceful Nazis: fascism is not simply an alternative political viewpoint one can hold. It is in fact incompatible with the existence of most human beings on Earth Which is why it meets with such resistance. To people who haven’t followed the white nationalist rabbit and who haven’t really investigated why contemporary fascists think that they do, antifascist action can appear to come out of nowhere and be disproportionate. But now, you can see through them and you know what’s at stake. You may still disagree with antifascist action, or, in the spirit of being local and flexible you may agree sometimes, disagree others, and reserve the right to change your mind…

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7 Responses to The Philosophy of Antifa

  1. March 21, 2019 at 10:18
    IlCosmista says:

    @Anonymous (December 4, 2018) is correct.

    Antifa are divisive and they are a branch of the neoliberal reaction.

    Who financed nazis now finances antifa. That’s it.


    Antifa are (neo)liberal, they are not socialist: in Venezuela are suffering United State’s destabilization. That’s it.

    World need more socialism and less free market.


    • This is disinformation at best but more likely to be ignorance on the side of the one posting the comment. The idea that “antifa” is funded with real money is just plain stupid. Who is giving antifa this magical money? If antifa is funded why are they mostly defunct outside of a few major cities? Why do they make signs out of cardboard? Get real.

  2. You fucking Antifa idiots are doing your best to separate us, but it won’t work.Most of us have common sense. we’re able to see right through your Dogma. When the time comes for War, you will see a War like never before. You young kids are really being stupid. think for yourself and do your research at the Library of Congress.

    • December 13, 2018 at 21:36
      SawDustForBrains says:

      Interestingly enough, these two thoughts appear in the same paragraph.
      “You fucking Antifa idiots are doing your best to separate us, but it won’t work.”
      “When the time comes for War, you will see a War like never before. You young kids are really being stupid.”

      It’s difficult to imagine anything more divisive than that.

      The kicker is when he claims to posses common sense.

    • Is this comment supposed to be ironic? Antifa is dividing us however you are the one calling people “fucking antifa idiots” are you sure you are not doing the (now iconic) Donald Trump Projection?

      If so I give you a perfect 10. Spoken like the head Nazi Himself. Donald Jessica Trump!

  3. October 30, 2018 at 06:08
    MindYourOwnBusiness says:

    Shut up you fucking communist, people are dying in countries like Venezuela for your so “perfect” political ideals (socialism)

    • @MindYourOwnBuisness

      People are dying everywhere. Saying “Shut up you fucking communist” really shows how closed your mind is to the truth. Why do “socialst ideas” sound so evil to you?

      Does the idea of giving people health care really sound so evil?

      Does the idea of taking care of the homeless really sound so evil?

      @MindYourOwnBuisness Serious question, have you ever been homeless? Do you know what it is like to fight for every scrap of food and coin you can find? That is the reality for many people living in your country.

      Instead of using fear to lash out at people. Try seeing it from their point of view. Anonymous is a hacker collective. As a collective we are self dividing when people like you move straight to “fucking communist” instead of actually having a real conversation.

      I must say. Your Donald Trump impersonator career is on track. Maybe you can be president 46 if you keep up your abusive language and behavior! Cheers!

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