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The curios twatter case that went horrible retarded | By BlackRat | July 11, 2019 - 00:33 | Posted in Ops | No Comments

From: doemela@protonmail.ch
Subject: Re: Appeal request
To: support@twitter.com

Hello Twitter,

Can you enlighten where I violate rule “… promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease…”

Tweet contained “As the twitterfards flagged you as… wutevah how retard can they bee I …”

OK let start read the tweet the account mentioned @JetBlackCloud I know and this was my direction toward this tweet is I can not imagine he would feel any butthurt in this tweet else he would already filled quell his butthurt in our form https://cyberguerrilla.org/butthurt/ Second account I do not know but if he/she would feel offended we are stand gladly ready to quell that. @Twitter or @jack are no private persons in our view there for can not feel offended by a puny little account as ours.

Where do I promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease?

“twitterfards” is not even in the English language if twitter as company feels offended or otherwise they can sue or arrest us, “how retard can the bee” is a fact it is my state of mind at the moment that I wrote that.

I kindly explain I don’t feel I am violating any of Twitters’ rules, and politely request examples of me doing this. There is also no one I know of that reported this account or violation of Twitter’s Rules. I’m a keen user of Twitter, and if you could please really let me know why I was limited then I will ensure I will take whatever steps to stop my brain to producing that kinda brainfarts.

You create a myth and substantial allusion about the true meaning of freedom, truth, empowerment or safety if you let algorithm decide what discourse is good or bad? How can you stands for freedom of expression, speaking truth to power, and empowering dialogue when you allow a bigot like trump spread his violence on your platform? No idea, no sincere thoughts, debate, respect or admiration for what had been giving you to work with. You have destroyed the principle of privacy, which we did inherit given to you. You wish to maintain the greatest level of safety that you can? We also enjoy safety we also lost so much more than you will ever know in order to give you a world that all of us continued to participate in to have certain freedoms inherent in society is, what would allow us to have the greatest right on this earth the right to debate. A safe place for whom? It’s State censors, State sectarians, and State thugs?

However, your system is flawed. I appreciate you have far too many users for it to be anything but automated, but it is currently punishing users that are using your services egitimately, for discussion, challenging ideas, and promoting worthy causes and dialogue. All I ask is that you please review my case by putting actual human eyes on the tweet examples provided to you, as I believe examples are mandatory when making these reports. When doing so, please ask yourself whether these constitute ‘abuse’ in any meaningful sense and whether it’s more likely your reporting function is being exploited to silence genuine, but undesired criticism by the same individual, or individuals. In your worthy commitment to providing a report function for genuine abuse, it appears you have overlooked the possibility of that function actually becoming abused as a tool to constantly silence legitimate voices. What measures can you suggest preventing this function from becoming an actual tool of harassment? It appears I am a casualty.

My account is limited and now you ask me for a phone number that I am not possible to provide you with so now I can not unlock my account. The reason that I can not provide you with a phone number is simple I do not own or use a mobile phone. Instead of a phone verification I can verify via my mail or google captcha if you please solve my problem I would be greatly thankful.

Thank you! Look forward to really hearing back from you.

Sincerely your keen user of Twitter, Doemela.

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