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By Anonymous | December 7, 2018 - 15:02 | Posted in Ops | No Comments

Hi, (Sorry for my english 😉 )

I don’t know if you are or if you know anonymous hackers but French people needs help.

Actualy, in France we try a revolution against tax and living costs.
Since three weeks we trying to make ourselves heard by our government.
We have some revendication like:
– Reduce all taxes
– Creation of a citizens’ assembly
– Other Ecological, social, institutional revendication

To sum up, we try to make a pacific revolution to restore power and priority to the people, not the powerful ones.
80% of french people support us
We hope that this movement is spread throughout Europe.

We need HELP !

We are studying several actions to put pressure on our government and some of these actions need some hackers capability.

Thank you

Some videos


https://webchat.cyberguerrilla.org/ or http://3ur4xm2japn56c5f.onion/

Channel: #opfrance

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