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How Anonymous Bites Back defeated censorship online | By Anonymous | August 1, 2019 - 02:53 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | 1 Comment

Anonymous Bites Back has been broadcasting for a few years already. Episodes get good viewer amounts, but it wasn’t always like that. The show started out using Facebook and Youtube, and on the Facebook network quickly grew to 25000+ viewers per episode. This was mainly due to the huge amount of shares to different pages and groups, by the team and by the viewers. Everyone was working hard on it.

That is when shit started to hit the fan. Suddenly the episodes were “shadowbanned”. When an episode went live, it started out with a certain amount of viewers. But then the team started to share, and with each share to a page the view count actually started to drop. At some point there were more people replying below the episode than the amount Facebook claimed were watching live. After a while Anonymous Bites Back realized why the social media site was doing this.

The Facebook works with a “live stream map”. This map shows dots on a map representing all the different live streams in the world. When a stream gets more viewers, the dot becomes larger, making you more visible, giving you more and more exposure. So a popular stream will get a big boost by Facebook.

By artificially reducing the live view count, they were actively attempting to reduce the reach of the show. So Anonymous Bites Back realized the establishment social media wanted a war. And the team started to invent solutions. They started out by changing the location of the live stream to a popular location. If something big was happening at that moment, the show would “move” to that location.

This offered a temporary solution, and new viewers did arrive. Also a team was created to increase the sharing, consisting of active supporters and fans, and they were organizing “watch parties” to increase the amount of viewers. It worked, and Anonymous Bites Back was able to restore the numbers. But then Facebook hit them again. This time by limiting accounts of people who would share from the page. The moment you would share from the page more than 3 times, your account would be unable to share anything for 7 days. Sometimes it would lock you out of your account entirely.

Keep in mind all of this happened while the show never received a single infraction, and always stayed within the rules. So it was clearly an attempt by some powers to silence those who were saying things they weren’t allowed to. But the team didn’t give up. They started to branch out. Streaming locations to multiple other sites were opened, and the focus was put on Youtube.

A different platform, and a new chance. At least that is what Anonymous Bites Back was hoping for. And at first it worked. Viewers quickly moved over and after just 2 episodes even the chat below the live shows became very active and fun to be in.

But it didn’t last long. Youtube stopped the streaming capabilities a month or two ago. For 90 days. And without a clear reason. Like on Facebook, no infraction was ever received. However, this time the game was different, because Anonymous Bites Back was prepared. Being fully aware of the censorship attempts on the major social media networks.

A system was built by one of the panel members, allowing the show to stream to over 30 different locations at once (now reaching 50+). And for some reason this changed the game. Because they did no longer depend on one or two specific websites, but streamed to whatever site was willing to do it.

View counts on sites like Periscope and Twitch suddenly went through the roof, and Youtube started to send private messages to one of the show hosts asking if they can offer a solution to the stream being limited. Why? We think it is because the show delivers 8 hours of unique content weekly, and if other platforms do stream it, sites like Facebook and Youtube only lose.

To make a story short: If you want free speech online in 2019, decentralize.

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One Response to How Anonymous Bites Back defeated censorship online

  1. I have seened platforms built by Anons that seems to work for now but that one l saw was in German which l speak VENOM may bee a hit on that one or if that don’t work try Telegram-X will do it they offers Ddos es for money and other hacking services l me myself misspell a lot that content usually went through

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