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I am a criminal so arrest me if this is your logic pigs DOIT

Marcus is diagnosed with Autism, Chron’s Disease, Coeliac, Asthma, Anxiety and Depression. Marcus was remanded in prison for breaking the conditions of a Criminal Behavior Order (CBO) preventing him from entering Norwich apart from to sign on at the Jobcentre.

On 16 November 2017 Marcus traveled a total of 11 miles from his home address in Wymondham to Norwich by public transport. Marcus arrived 30 minutes early for his appointment having previously been sanctioned for arriving 3 minutes late. Marcus passed by Bethel Street Police Station and gave the building a V gesture. Marcus was arrested at his home address the following morning whilst his family were at work and his family were not informed of his arrest. Marcus has been detained at Norwich HMP since.

Marcus is an extremely vulnerable young man and his condition means he can be socially naive and fail to understand the implications of his behavior. Marcus has been let down by various professional bodies and has received punishment where he should have received support.

Free Marcus Potter – Autism is not a criminal offense

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