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Tuesday,Mar 19,2019 
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By Anonymous | January 4, 2019 - 20:09 | Posted in /B/ | 4 Comments

Maybe this will be a good gift for the Greek’s army. We have breached the company which they manufactures weapons and systems for the Turkish armed forces. The files/Documents shows the name of the weapon/system, one or two photo of them, and how the weapons works against the target. Not only these but also target tracking systems etc. A lot of different stuffs that we can’t write all of them.

The count of the files are 400+. We will show some screenshots covering names and the inside of the archives.

Its all the files/Documents. We hid the names of the files. If any Intelligence Service or Greece Army want these Documents, you can send us E-mail at: spyontarget@protonmail.ch

If a country that is against Turkey, gets the documents, maybe Turkey will had some problems.

Don’t forget to send us email if you want the download link of the sensitive documents ->spyontarget@protonmail.ch <-

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4 Responses to Equipping and secret weapons of the Turkish armed forces breached.

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  2. hello,i would like to receive the files too. my e-mail:chakiti123@outlook.de

  3. Hello, I would like to receive the files….my email; anonymusdark54@gmail.com

  4. Well well, you are offering your leak as a gift, but as it seems you are not willing to share the download link for the
    sensitiv documents as you Offert above ( Don’t forget to send us email if you want the download link of the sensitive documents ->spyontarget@protonmail.ch <-)

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