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Conversation about Anarchist arrests in Belarus Russia Ukraine | By Anonymous | February 3, 2019 - 21:29 | Posted in Ops | No Comments

<comrade1> Our repressions against civil society activists are only intensifying. In Belarus even worse. FSB fabricated criminal cases against ours, Penza, anarchists and anti-fascists. Planted them with weapons (guns, KNIVES, EXPLOSIVES).
<comrade1> Now our anarchists face long prison terms.
<comrade1> We are trying to organize volunteers to protect them, but wanting is not enough.
<comrade0> Yeah, i heard that. There are news about Anarchist comrades in Russia and Belarus.
<comrade0> Yeah, it isnt enough.
<comrade1> I know the lawyers for these anarchists. The lawyers say directly that the FSB will do everything to condemn them in real sentences.
<comrade0> Oh, i understood.
<comrade1> On new year’s anarchists congratulated the New year in the night from 31 December to 1 January, the volunteers.
<comrade0> It is so hard condition for you than.
<comrade0> Oh. Where?
<comrade1> Volunteers staged an action near the detention center and congratulated the arrested anarchists through a megaphone.
<comrade0> Oh, i see.
<comrade1> Oddly enough, the arrested anti-fascists are helped mainly by Democrats and liberals, not Communists. This is sad. There is no solidarity.
<comrade0> In Russia?
<comrade0> Yeah, communists are very passive in this time.
<comrade1> The main false Communist party of Russia-the Communist party of the Russian Federation in General n helps the arrested anarchists. Hypocrisy.
<comrade1> Friends and associates are always checked in such cases.
<comrade0> Oh, i see.
<comrade0> It is sad.
<comrade1> As far as I know they were supported by solidarity only two leftist organizations of Penza: the Generation of a new time and United Communist party. It’s sects.
<comrade0> Oh, cool.
<comrade1> Glad to see you, to be honest. I’m bored, special cases, no, it’s winter. Only snow I clean about the house and all. It snowed a lot this year. On days promise a new snowfall.
<comrade0> I may copy-paste this comversation to blog and publish it.
<comrade0> Glad to see you too.
<comrade0> Yeah, it is so cold this year.
<comrade1> Copy and publish if you want.
<comrade0> Thanks.
<comrade1> In Belarus most of all press the left, and in Russia liberals. But pressed by the same methods. Moreover, at first the technique is practiced in Belarus, and then it appears in Russia.
<comrade0> I understood.
<comrade1> In reality, there are a lot of left clowns who arrange a tent under the red flags, which are cut off from the working people and do nothing to organize and help workers.
<comrade0> So Belarus press can share any news about anarchist comrades.
<comrade0> Left doesnt mean communist or anarchist.
<comrade1> I read the Belarusian anarchist press.
<comrade0> However Legality kills struggle.
<comrade1> Yes, I agree, the left is a very vague concept.
<comrade0> Of course. 🙂
<comrade0> That’s why we specialise terms.

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