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Does a “no” vote against the Law for the intelligence and security services (Wet inlichten- en veiligheidsdiensten, Wiv) make our society less secure? Proponents of the new law answer “yes” without any reservations. However we, Read more » 

PIC: https://imageshack.com/a/img924/8459/m9qOrv.jpg WEBCHAT: https://webchat.cyberguerrilla.org/ CHANNELS: #OpPaperstorm.it & #italy You don’t have to be an hacker to make the change. Things do not happen only on the net. The awakening of our conscience is already ongoing Read more » 

Message For Turkish Hacker And People

| March 4th, 2018 by Anonymous | 2 Comments

 Afrin halki yanliz degildir Biji Berxwedana Afrine

Hello citizens of the world, we are anonymous, In a world where violence, abuses, exploitation and anything else are in the agenda. You may have missed the memo but: Governments destroy us and our environment Read more » 

Czar Nicholas II Abdicates

| February 27th, 2018 by BlackRat | No Comments

On 27th February in 1917 Czar Nicholas II abdicated – marking the end of a thousand years of Romanov rule and the beginning of a chain of events that would change the course of world Read more » 

  Anonymous Guerrilla & AntiSecItaly in INTERNATIONAL #OpNuke , ██╗ ██╗ ██████╗ ██████╗ ███╗ ██╗██╗ ██╗██╗ ██╗███████╗ ████████╗██╔═══██╗██╔══██╗████╗ ██║██║ ██║██║ ██╔╝██╔════╝ ╚██╔═██╔╝██║ ██║██████╔╝██╔██╗ ██║██║ ██║█████╔╝ █████╗ ████████╗██║ ██║██╔═══╝ ██║╚██╗██║██║ ██║██╔═██╗ ██╔══╝ ╚██╔═██╔╝╚██████╔╝██║ ██║ ╚████║╚██████╔╝██║ ██╗███████╗ Read more » 

Kurdish hacker Group hacled government turkish sites

| February 15th, 2018 by cyberguerrilla | No Comments

On the anniversary of the capture of Abdullah Öcalan because group protesting the arrest of the child  captured significant state and bank sites  loyalty message was given Abdullah Ocalan also For the afrin, all messages were published for Read more » 

Kurd hack group attacked government sites

| February 15th, 2018 by cyberguerrilla | 2 Comments

Kurdish hackers group attacked government sites in turkey dozens of military and bank sites were hacked   explaining groups Cmg Team and Anonymous Kurdistan they will be in solidarity with afrin    

No more words for you Turkey! Watch our latest actions against you. Your top banks are down and most of them are hacked. Erdogan’s private army called SADAT geo deleted. Anonymous Greece , Greek BlackHat Read more » 

All things for all men, since all men have need of them, since all men worked to produce them in the measure of their strength, and since it is not possible to evaluate everyone’s part Read more » 

Türk ordusuna ait 3 web sitesi hacklendi

| February 7th, 2018 by cyberguerrilla | No Comments

Anonymous gruplari işgalci turk ordusunun Afrin saldirilarina karşı Afrin halkiyla dayanışma amacli son gunlerde birçok web sitesine eylem yapiyor son olarak dun gece turk ordusuna ait 3 sirketin erisimini kesip bir çok çalışaninin bilgilerini ele Read more » 

Leonard Peltier Illegally Arrested

| February 6th, 2018 by BlackRat | No Comments

On 6th February 1976, leading Native American activist Leonard Peltier was illegally arrested in Canada by means of coerced and fraudulent testimony for the murder of two FBI agents. Extradited to the United States, Peltier Read more » 

Antifa conference in Amsterdam

| January 30th, 2018 by BlackRat | No Comments

On Saturday the 3rd of February there will be an Antifa conference in the OCCII in Amsterdam. The conference program includes discussions, presentations, workshops and trainings. With the revival of the extreme right on the Read more » 

The latest news about Ahed Tamimi’s detention by Israel is horrific. Israel is refusing to release her on bail pending trial. Not only this, but the court proceedings against her will begin on January 31, Read more » 

Free Dmitry Bogatov

| January 8th, 2018 by BlackRat | 1 Comment

Dmitry Bogatov jailed since April 10, 2017 a software developer, math lecturer at Moscow’s Finance and Law University, free software supporter, Debian and GNU projects contributor, esperantist. Dmitry Bogatov is accused of part 2 of Read more »