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Today marks the anniversary of the formation of the Paris Commune (18th March 1871) – the first successful seizure of power by the working class. Facing Prussian invasion forces on one side and French troops Read more » 

35 Types of DDoS Attacks Explained

| March 10th, 2018 by r0gu3Sec | No Comments

  DDoS attacks are a major concern for online businesses. According to the Q3 2015 Security Report by Akamai, there’s a 179.66% increase in the total number of DDoS attacks. It can not only deny Read more » 

To the memory of Lepa Radić

| March 9th, 2018 by r0gu3Sec | 2 Comments

Lepa Svetozara Radić (Serbian Cyrillic: Лепа Светозара Радић; 19 December 1925 – February 8, 1943) Was a Bosnian Serb member of the Yugoslav Partisans during World War II in Yugoslavia who was posthumously awarded the Read more » 

Proof of Concept: https://share.riseup.net/#XvETqab_Lw4gRtle9NT5mA Salute Black Sabotage  

Salvini, vuoi diventare il premier della Nazione, ma a causa della tua incompetenza, nemmeno gli iscritti al tuo blog possono stare tranquilli. Il tuo colpevolizzare gli immigrati per ogni cosa, serve solo a nascondere la Read more » 

Hello Salvini, you want to be a premier for Italy, but due to your high incompetence level, even people subscribed to your various websites can’t have peaceful night’s sleep. Your attitude to blame immigrants for Read more » 

Join us

| February 22nd, 2018 by r0gu3Sec | 2 Comments

Anonymous is not a club or a group that you join, it is simply an idea, or a collective. Anyone can be Anonymous, all you have to do is support it. Planning protests in your Read more » 

A Kurdish civilian killed in Turkish bombing: UPDATE

| February 20th, 2018 by cyberguerrilla | No Comments

Turkish artillery fire killed a Kurdish civilian and wounded 10 others in Basute village near Sharawa district of Afrin According to locals, a shell hit the home of Xalo family in Basute village on Monday. Read more » 

The International Freedom Battalion released a statement over the deaths of three comrades, Samuel Prada Leon, Oliver Francois Jean Le Clainche and Sjoerd Heeger. The International Freedom Battalion released a statement over the deaths of Read more » 

KAction at gnu.org KAction at gnu.org  Mon Feb 12 17:04:48 UTC 2018 Previous message (by thread): [tor-talk] torified nodejs: server crashes Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] Bad news, everyone. Dmitry Klepikov, Read more » 

Over the years, Twitter has evolved to become an important outlet for political discussion, debate and commentary. It has also been used to successfully organize anti-government protests on numerous occasions, putting some world leaders on Read more » 

YPJ spokeswoman and commander Nesrin Abdullah is in Stockholm for diplomatic talks. Speaking at a press conference in the Swedish parliament, Nesrin Abdullah, spokeswoman and commander for the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) in Rojava, drew Read more » 

The gangs the Turkish state let loose on Afrin, calling them a “national army”, commit severe war crimes on one hand and steal from the people on the other.The gangs filmed themselves stealing large many Read more » 

Zad will survive

| February 8th, 2018 by RedAcor | No Comments

Ne pas laisser la victoire… Il n’y aura pas d’aéroport à Notre-Dame-des-Landes », disions-nous souvent, pour démontrer notre entêtement, pour en faire une prophétie. Le 17 janvier, cet énoncé a été inscrit en lettres capitales dans Read more » 

YPJ Spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah said, “Those who remain quiet are approving the Turkish state attacks. But we are giving a better lesson now in Afrin to those who failed to learn from Kobanê.” The invasion Read more »