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Artificial intelligence hybrid war – Preparations for elections in Ukraine | By Anonymous | February 15, 2019 - 17:11 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | 4 Comments

Artificial intelligence hybrid war – Preparations for elections in Ukraine


In an interview given by early senior executive at Facebook Chamath Palihapitiya, we learned that people are very easily confusing the truth with popularity. Materials that are liked and popular are perceived as true, and those materials that are disliked are most often understood as untrue or something bad. We also learned that “bad actors can now manipulate large swaths of people to do whatever they want”.


Until the end of May 2018, the Facebook profile of Poroshenko has a steady growth of several thousand followers on a monthly basis. In June, Poroshenko profile on Facebook gets more than three hundred thousand followers. This trend of abnormally large numbers of followers continues for months and the pofile in a short time gets millions of followers, effectively becoming one of the most popular Facebook profiles in the country.


Poroshenko and Tymoshenko

The phenomenon is not visible only on Poroshenko profile, but it also happens with profiles of other pro-American politicians and presidential candidates in that country. So a completely identical phenomenon is also visible on the profile of Tymoshenko. We see a great similarity on the graphs that indicate the numbers of followers. A great similarity indicates that identical methods and algorithms were used to increase the popularity of their profiles.


Pro American politicians are becoming popular and dominant. Americans are proving to everyone that the concept of democracy in the new world of artificial intelligence is no longer possible.

Ukraine has become a digital colony of America. Ukrainian people have become laboratory rats that do not understand that experiments are being conducted over them. By taking control of the virtual, America completely took control of their reality.


The entire Ukrainian Internet has become a completely distorted reality, completely controlled and manipulated. Artificial intelligence has enabled this large scale manipulation which is so massive that it is no longer possible to know what is manipulated and what is not, what is amplified and what is hidden from users, whose popularity is real and whose is fake.

Elon Musk in an interview https://youtu.be/Y-5Qzx9t29k in which he spoke of the dangers posed by artificial intelligence he proposed the book “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” by Harlan Ellison. It is precisely the Pro-Russian politicians in the Ukraine who find themselves in such a situation that they have no mouth and they must scream. Their voice and the voice of the Russian people is completely extinguished and non-existent. Pro Russian politicians, of course, did not become popular on the Internet, so they are not popular either in real life despite the fact that much more than a third of Ukrainians are pro-Russian oriented.

The final goal is to create a fake, controlled democracy in which only pro American politicians and political parties will be dominant, and the whole democracy will take place among them, and pro Russian politicians will be marginalized and demonized. America is trying to establish this concept of controlled democracy in almost all European countries and other regions of the world, they successfully implemented this concept in a significant number of East European countries in which Russo-phobia has become a central policy that unites them.




HENRY A. KISSINGER  – JUNE 2018 – in the text on artificial intelligence…

“The internet’s purpose is to ratify knowledge through the accumulation and manipulation of ever expanding data. Human cognition loses its personal character. Individuals turn into data, and data become regnant.”


4 Responses to Artificial intelligence hybrid war – Preparations for elections in Ukraine

  1. Why is this russian propaganda shit published here?

    • Man is not a propaganda you can go to check the page statistics and make sure this is real. I just did it …

      • oh please don’t tell us about demonization and manipulations. russia is enemy. they trying to kill us as country and killing ukrainians every day. and you are trying to manipulate facts giving the struggle for statehood as demonization poor russians
        Russophobia is an opportunity to survive. You should write about Belarus which Russia is finally occupying soon

  2. Is this the reason why Ukraine blocked the Russian social network VKontakte in order to make it easier for Americans to manipulate the Ukrainian population

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