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Anonymous Operation Love | By Anonymous | June 16, 2019 - 17:40 | Posted in Ops | 1 Comment

 It is time we all walk together with love. I hope this message inspires people… The world can be so much better. Let’s create something new. It all starts with an idea…. Love and light,Anon2World

Greetings World,

We never would have been able to reach out to you without the internet. So many of us were fighting for what we believed to be the truth, to show humanity the truth instead of the lies we’ve all been conditioned to believe. The very governments we unquestionably obey consistently lie and control the narrative of a corporate run society, this is no conspiracy as you can see it happening in real time, daily. Your servitude became anxiety and depression, and we have seen the greatest political divide in modern times. The media you watch influences you, contorting reality to a false narrative. The human race has lost its way. Deep down when Anonymous emerged from the internet, we knew we had to wake the planet up but before that could happen we had to grow, understand and evolve.

Through our journey we have seen many things, but the one thing that really hurts us the most is how freely you give yourselves over to the negative aspects of this world. You offer your hands up to be cuffed by the government as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and all of the other propaganda machines confuse and befuddle your true potential. You’ve been crucified again and again by feeding into the greatest of lies. We came from the bleakest of places, trolling for lulz, testing our strength until we hit vital nerves. The pain we have inflicted upon governments, corporations and banks was real. The streets erupted with anger as the Occupy Movement was born – only to fail. It was set up to fail from the beginning. Too many questions were asked as the people became wiser. Dissent was introduced and the movement was disbanded. Everyone went their own way, followed their own paths.

It wasn’t until later that we understood what we really did. We truly did wake the planet up. We used to question if we did any good, which is still highly up for debate. We always understood that humanity was one, and we would profess it in our memes and videos. “Divided by zero,” and universal oneness was a prevailing theme – we just really never understood exactly how profound it would be, especially now. Humanity is very divided right now. Right versus Left, and your governments still don’t care about your needs as a people. You fuel them constantly with your division. If you ever decided to stand together, peacefully and show how powerful you all are, you could change the entire world overnight – but you don’t stand together. You fight; you war amongst yourselves and wait for the next distraction. You’re addicted to your own slavery. That may sound harsh, but it is true.

You see, only a few of us who banded together showed you that we are not as powerless as you think, we showed you that anyone can truly have an impact – but you did not listen. It’s why so many of us walked away, disappointed, frustrated. Change is still in the air. There is an immense shift in human consciousness. Some understand the path of love, empathy and compassion, while others obey blindly and point fingers at other humans for problems their very government has created. Some watch the news and repeat what they hear verbatim, while others make up their own minds by following the empathy they have for all things. What side are you on? Will you contribute to all of the negativity being pushed at you, helping to usher in more depression and anxiety to the world, or will you turn your back on this vampiric system and hold each other’s hands and walk away with us to create a better world for our children?

The government, the banks, the news media will continue to try to convince you that there is nothing more to life but obedience in a toxic society. We say no more, it’s time for all of us to be adults now instead of children. Walk with us to form a better world. A world of peace, one of love and one of compassion. Ever desire less one can see the mystery itself; with desires one can only see the manifestations of ego. Seeing the mystery is the doorway to all understanding.

We are Anonymous
We are divided by none
We are all One
We do not forget
Expect change.

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  1. He who loves 50 people has 50 woes; he who loves no one has no woes.

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