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Anonymous attacks Uil.it | By Anonymous | July 2, 2019 - 17:46 | Posted in /B/ | No Comments

The hacker collective has targeted some portals as part of a campaign on white deaths. That of the union is still unattainable after a week.

The website of UIL, one of the three confederal unions, is still offline after a week of the June 26 cyber attack. To “knock out” the site, the hacktivist collective Anonymous Italia. The attack also affected the Caf Aic Employee Assistance and Retirees Center and the site of the National School Workers Union. And it is the second attack of the campaign focused on the white deaths.

Hackers claimed the attack to draw attention to “fatal accidents at work, also called white deaths”. Deaths from workplace accidents in 2019 are already 303, 5.9% more than in 2018.

Although the other two sites that are victims of the cyber attack have already been restored, the Uil site is still down. The collective said it had left the backup files available to the IT team to make it easier to restore the portal.

The same scenario occurred in February, when the hacktivists of Anonymous Italia “pierced” the website of the Ministry of the Environment. Despite the Hackers declared in an interview with Wired that they had limited ” the damage to the data breach and to deface with a lot of backup of the home pages to facilitate the restoration of the portals “, the site took a week to get back operational.

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