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ACTA is back! What is it? | By Anonymous | January 6, 2019 - 03:18 | Posted in Ops | No Comments

Despite the fact that this video is from 2012, its reality still strikes us today. According to the Article 13 of ACTA 2.0 (The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) pro-censorship law, internet providers will be able to decide the content of their users through upload filters. The provider will control and censor through checking all online activities of users on every uploaded video, photo, text.

Article 11 introduces a type of tax on links. Whenever we publish a link online, anywhere, we will have to pay for it to the original owner of it. It means we will be charged for any source we use or there will be difficulties using them by copyrights claimed on them. They include anything by threatening to destroy the internet culture, including music and memes, our collective culture as the World.

Fight with us against this one of the worst pro-censorship laws ever. Contact us through the messaging system of our youtube channel youtube.com/anonymousworldwide or stopacta2.org

Way’s to connect to Cyberguerrilla IRC

Clearnet webchat: #OpACTA2
Tor webchat: #OpACTA2
I2P webchat: #OpACTA2 See How2 I2P

Channel: #OpACTA2

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