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A appeal on twitter own conduct | By BlackRat | July 6, 2019 - 22:36 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | No Comments

From: postmaster@cyberguerrilla.org
Subject: Re: Case# 0118514575: Appealing an account suspension – @CgAn_Doemela [ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004A00001iLQGp:ref]
To: support@twitter.com

Hello Twitter,

I noticed that my account is suspended. I have read all terms and
conditions on your support page but cannot see any reason why I may have
been suspended. I’ve certainly taken every step to ensure that my
account is not breaking any rules.

I’ve been suspended several times, and the reason supplied to me is
always ‘it was done in error’. I kindly explain I don’t feel I am
violating any of Twitters’ rules, and politely request examples of me
doing this. There is also no one I know of that reported this account
for violation of Twitter’s Rules. I’m a keen user of Twitter, and if you
could please let me know why I was suspended then I will ensure I will
take whatever steps necessary so that it does not happen again.

This at the very least would be helpful, so I may learn what is
acceptable and adjust my behaviour accordingly. I think the bigger issue
is however; I’m not in violation of your terms. It seems to me your
‘report abuse’ function is being abused in order to silence dissenting
voices or genuine civil criticism. Abuse and harassment are both awful
and incredibly serious things. I applaud and support Twitters’
commitment to penalizing those who feel it’s acceptable to engage in
such a deplorable way.

However, your system is flawed. I appreciate you have far too many users
for it to be anything but automated, but it is currently punishing users
that are using your services legitimately, for discussion, challenging
ideas, and promoting worthy causes and dialogue.

All I ask is that you please review my case by putting actual human eyes
on the tweet examples provided to you, as I believe examples are
mandatory when making these reports. When doing so, please ask yourself
whether these constitute ‘abuse’ in any meaningful sense and whether
it’s more likely your reporting function is being exploited to silence
genuine, but undesired criticism by the same individual, or individuals.

In your worthy commitment to providing a report function for genuine
abuse, it appears you have overlooked the possibility of that function
actually becoming abused as a tool to constantly silence legitimate
voices. What measures can you suggest preventing this function from
becoming an actual tool of harassment? It appears I am a casualty.

Thank you! Look forward to really hearing back from you.

P.S. You wish to maintain the greatest level of safety that you can? We also enjoy safety we also lost so much more than you will ever know in order to give you a world that all of us continued to participate in to have certain freedoms inherent in society is, what would allow us to have the greatest right on this earth the right to debate. A safe place for whom? It’s State censors, State sectarians, and State thugs?

Your gnomic vague rules, so loosely worded that allow to punish anybody at anytime for anything; the lack of any procedure for punished people to defend themselves; and the automated response “violating the rules” without any explanation about which concrete rule has allegedly been violated, when, and how; has become a paradise of bureaucratic censorship, a mix of Kafka’s The Process and Orwell’s 1984 the Chinese Communist Party can only dream of: any opinions an organized group want to erase are labelled “hate speech” “harassment” or “abuse”, and such thought crimes are purged from existence alongside their authors.

We did not mean to offend you. But we also do not want the public being offended by contributions like yours in your assisting of Authoritarian-leaning governments. Your systematic violation by your principles of “due process” and “no crime, no penalty without previous, written, definite, strict law” shall not, will not prevail. Sinking into the irrelevance of being a tool for Trump rants, sectarian censorship, and cute cats’ pics only.


General Secretary, Politburo Meowist Party of the Soviet #CyberGuerrillaAutonomousNexus.

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