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530 Turkish Website Hacked By Coldhackers | By Anonymous | February 11, 2019 - 19:58 | Posted in Ops | No Comments

Kurdish hackers have hacked 530 Turkish sites for abdullah Ocalan

The statement made by Kurdish Hackers is as follows;

Leader of the Kurdish people, in particular, we have a promise to our martyrs and our resisting people that we will continue our actions in the virtual environment as well as in all areas against the continuation of the isolation conditions that are not applied to any law or humanity, which is applied on all the oppressed, exploited Leader of the oppressed peoples Rêber APO.

We reiterate that we will continue our attacks in virtual environment as the virtual guerrillas of the President APO. In this context; As Coldhackers, Mesopotamia Hackers, RojavaHack and PKK-HackTeam, the fascist isolation on the President APO will end, and we will continue to make the most severe attacks, from the freedom of the President to the freedom and security of the APO.

According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, Hakkari, who are elected by the popular and popular votes of the Hakkari deputy, Leyla Güven, raises the ongoing hunger strike actions against the isolation in the regions of Strasbourg, Hewlêr, Galer, Russia, the TC dungeons, Kurdistan and different parts of Europe. We note that we have hacked hundreds of sites we have hacked in order to salute all hunger strike actions, especially President APO, and we have captured a lot of confidential and important information.

Again, the news sites and pages of virtual attacks against our pages in the most powerful way to remain silent by responding to the enemy sites. google translate    Source https://www.nuceciwan12.com/ku/

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