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This is a snapshot of what Anonymous thinks will be useful for your survival in case of a violent revolution in your country. As most of Anonymous works, it will be constantly changed, reused, improved etc. So watch for newer releases. The guide is far fom beeing complete and is no panacea, so DO NOT Read more » 

The video from Sunday Lubach with which the Netherlands will present to President Trump is on a special website of the White House where citizens can submit initiatives. The initiator wants the White House take it seriously whether the Netherlands, after America, can come in second place. Netherlands has asked nice before anyone else did. Read more » 

=================================================================================== 我們是匿名的,我們不會留下任何懲罰。我們注重細節。 #OpSingleGateway — In support of the Thai people! We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. =================================================================================== #Anonymous #opsinglegateway >> https://t.co/q5sga9IrUu << #Hacked #Leaked – https://t.co/x1d7ohHkI1– https://t.co/FzOvGKoLZI Anonymous. — Anonymous (@OpHackingPlanet) February 24, 2017 #Anonymous #opsinglegateway >> https://t.co/c6hLHEQo5z << #Hacked #Leaked – https://t.co/tgTRJdku9P– https://t.co/A6cZ6DBO74 Anonymous. Read more » 

Anonymous Italy hacked Italian far-right party Forza Nuova site for Antifa Operation: Il presidio #ANTIFA di Anonymous Italia rimane sempre vigile! Estremismi e radicalizzazioni non ci troveranno mai daccordo! We Are Anonymous We Don’t Forget We Don’t Forgive EXPECT US! Stay Tuned 😉 Sauce: https://anon-news.blogspot.com/2017/02/antifa-wwwforzanuovaeu-hacked.html

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TL;DR: This page will tell you what the future plans for CgAn look like, and it includes a plea for donations as we are in financial trouble. The future plans start right below this text, the donation plea is at the end of the page. You know when it is that period when water-heater leaks, Read more » 

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The Tracker Killed By #Antisec But this time it is shut down for life.. Why? Because the owners ignore issues like exposing all of their members ip address. And the way they act towards others.. Incompetent Staff team & coders. Fuck that! ################################ Connecting to irc . theinternationals . me (78 . 129 . 172 Read more » 

madUkrop$_Crew  received information in relation to persons who are directly involved in illegal armed groups of terrorist organization Donetsk People’s Republic. It is another step to victory in Ukraine!   Information about militants: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By0yDru0dtHXQU5NejUxNW00eUk    

Your light from Soweto to the universe, bending rock breaking apartheid. To lead by peace and love, done the impossible. Educated the world to change, triumph over fear gave us courage. Didn’t walk in front, didn’t walk behind. Walked beside friend and foe. The world has seen your fire, we feel that vibrate over the Read more »